Tanssikeidas in English

Saara Soikkeli

Saara Soikkeli

I started dancing oriental dance as a hobby in 1986 with the Finnish teacher Irene Jelin. Soon the hobby turned into a passion and, eventually, a career. Saara has a master´s degree in social sciences from the Helsinki University and works as a teacher, performer and choreographer of oriental dance. She qualified as Pilates instructor in 2005.

Saara studied oriental dance in Finland, Egypt and USA with some of the leading instructors of the field, e.g. Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan and Yousry Sharif. Her dance background includes also ballet, jazz ballet and Finnish folkloric dances.

Saara teaches at studio Tanssikeidas ("Oasis of Dance") in Helsinki. In her teaching Saara uses her extensive knowledge of arabic dance together with her training in body control methods. This combination gives her excellent tools to guide dance students to use their body safely and efficiently to express the beauty of arabic music in dance movement. She is a well-known and respected teacher all over Finland with numerous teaching visits abroad.

Saara is a popular performer in owing to her characteristic and esthetic style of expression. She is currently a soloist with a wide repertoire and has also been a member and choreographer of Masrah troupe and a founding member and artistic leader of Keidas Ensemble.