Tanssikeidas in English

Peppina Lindfors

Peppina Lindfors

I started dancing oriental dance in 1991 with Sirke Seppänen and became immediately addicted to it.

Oriental dance has opened completely new and different world and culture for me. I’ve studied dance four times in Egypt and once in Tunisia, 1997-1998 I spent a year studying in Paris. My most important teacher there was Leila Haddad, who also introduced me to North African traditional dances. I will teach Tunisian dance at Tanssikeidas this coming fall.

Other teachers who’s style and expertise have made a lasting impression on me are Yousry Sharif and Raqia Hassan.

I’ve been a member of Masrah dance group since 1993. Apart from Finland I have also performed in Egypt, Sweden and France.

I have finished my business studies at Helsinki Business Polytechnic and am now free to dance full time. Since oriental dance has become my job I had to find another hobby. Not far, though, I now make dance costumes as well.